If you’re a huge fan of Apple and its products, you probably own a Mac. Whether you have a MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iMac or Mac mini, you expect it to run optimally whenever you use it. However, your Mac might run into a snag on occasion. Some issues are very common, but you can avoid them.


The rainbow wheel of death appears when your Mac’s cursor suddenly becomes unresponsive. Usually, it occurs when you have an older device or when your Mac lacks storage space or memory. If you check the Activity Monitor regularly, you can get a better idea of why the rainbow wheel of death makes its presence known. Quitting background apps you aren’t currently using and removing files to free up storage can help you avoid this common problem and make your Mac run faster. You can also achieve this, with a hardware upgrade. Click on this link to learn more.


Knowing how to avoid the most common issues with an Apple Mac can keep your Mac running smoothly. Startup issues are common. If your Mac doesn’t boot up like normal and you’re left with a blank black, gray or white screen, it can be maddening. This can be avoided by booting up into Safe Mode. Booting into Safe Mode gives you the chance to run drivers to check your start disk so that any problems causing your startup issues can be repaired.

When you start up your Mac, you can immediately put it into Safe Mode by pressing and holding down the Shift key. The Apple logo will appear, followed by the login screen. Release the Shift key at this point and you will be taken to Safe Mode where macOS will begin running diagnostics on your hard drive.


One of the most annoying issues with an older Mac is when it’s overly noisy. Loud sounds coming from your Mac is never a good sign, especially when it also becomes too hot. Usually, noisiness might stem from overheating as your motherboard strives to work that much harder. Some users choose to use a cooling pad to cool down their Macs, but this doesn’t fix the problem. There’s more likely an internal issue that needs to be addressed. 

This isn’t a problem you could potentially avoid. However, if you take your Mac to the Apple Store or a quailified repair expert, like Tech GeniuZ to have it looked at or if you’re savvy enough to handle opening it yourself to take a look and see whether the issue is dust inside, it could restore things to normal.


An overused battery is never a good thing for a Mac. Obviously, the older the device, the older the battery unless you’ve had it replaced. If you haven’t ever replaced it, over time, it will become weaker and need to be plugged into the adapter more often. If your Mac isn’t too old (after 2020), you can extend the ageing problem of the  battery by using the Optimized Charging feature in system preferences -» Battery. This allows your Mac to adjust its charging based on your usage. When your adapter is plugged in, it will charge to 80% and stop to optimize the Mac’s battery. You should also use your Mac without the adapter when it’s fully charged to excercise he battery. I wrote a full atricle about how to prolong the battery life in your Mac, which you can read here.


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