Is your once-mighty Mac gradually losing performance? Remember that you are not alone. It is common knowledge that Macs, like other computers, eventually lose performance. Sooner or later, this happens to every Mac user. As time passes, their trusted companion, who formerly completed tasks at the speed of light, gradually becomes less responsive and takes longer than ever to load. The frustration over a decline in performance may lead you to consider upgrading your RAM or replacing your computer sooner than you’d want. Nevertheless, there are a few tips to speed up a slow mac and improve your computer’s efficiency.


Your hard drive’s performance will drastically degrade when it nears or exceeds capacity. Tech experts have shown that larger files impact your Mac’s performance more than smaller ones. Therefore, you should generally leave five to twenty percent of your storage space unallocated.


Upgrading your macOS is among the top tips to speed up a slow mac. Updates to your Mac’s OS provide performance upgrades, patches, and bug fixes that might boost its performance. Each year, Apple releases a new version of macOS, so keeping your system updated is essential for taking advantage of any new features or performance enhancements.


Startup items are applications that run immediately after your Mac boots up. Unless you explicitly terminate them, these applications use up valuable RAM on your Mac. However, according to, you can speed up your Mac’s boot time and make it more responsive by reducing the number of programs that launch at startup.


Another thing you can do to speed up your Mac is to go through the hard disk and delete any applications you no longer use


Maintenance Scripts automatically perform the optimizations and cleanings that macOS does behind the scenes. The program swaps out libraries and system logs, modify file paths, and does hundreds of other tiny actions to shake things up and freshen the system. If your Mac runs sluggishly after a long day of use, you may kick off the Maintenance Scripts immediately.


You can enhance your Mac’s speed by upgrading to a faster SSD. You’ll be upgrading from a disk that can only load 100 MB of data and software per second to one that can do so at rates of up to 3500 MB per second. Furthermore, since the cost of solid-state drives has dramatically reduced, installing one is one of the most cost-effective methods to speed up and increase the performance of your Mac.


Cluttered files may cause programs to become sluggish and deplete disk space, slowing down your Mac. You may fix these problems and speed up your Mac by doing routine maintenance, such as erasing temporary garbage data and junk files. Additionally, the procedure can also prolong the life of your Mac.

These fixes should speed up your Mac immediately if it gradually becomes sluggish. It almost feels like you got a brand-new Mac without the high price tag. However, if your computer is still slow, you might need to reinstall a new macOS or upgrade to a new Mac.



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