Onsite & Offsite Apple Mac Repairs

Quicker, Cheaper and More Convenient alternative to the Genius Bar, because we come to you! 

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We are a group of Former Apple Genius Bar Technicians, specialising in Apple Repairs. All our technicians worked for Apple over 5 years.
Now, you don’t need to find a “Mac repair shop near me” as we call out your home/office and fix the issue there. No need to wait in a crowded Apple Store and carry your heavy iMac or other devices with you!

Here are a few examples of what can we can do or click on the home page to see the full listing of our services: 

We all rely on technology more and more… When things don’t work, it can get very frustrating. We will do our best to see you within the shortest time possible and diagnose the issue. We use our extensive troubleshooting skills, that we gained when we worked for Apple. We give you 1 week free remote support and 3 months warranty after a repair. 

Apple usually takes about 7 days to replace a glued in MacBook Pro battery. We will call out to your place and replace it during the visit, so you don’t miss a beat, and we do it usually around 20% less than the official Apple pricing, so you can spend on more important things. We can replace batteries in all Apple laptops

Sometimes your machine isn’t faulty, just simply slow. If you thought about buying a new one, but it’s too expensive, you might be in luck, as many old machines still have great potential. If you want to learn more about speeding up your Mac, click to see our dedicated page. Or why not give us a call on 0800 22 893 53 to discuss if your machine is upgradeable? 

Most repairs are carried out on site at your chosen place. If the issue is more complex and it needs further parts or longer diagnostic, we may need to take it offsite and get if fixed there. This is the rare case, but we will make sure that your machine is fixed as soon as possible. We will then deliver it back to you. We will advise you upfront of what you can expect when we take your machine.

Why choose us?

Ultimate convenience

It's 2024! No need to queue or go out. Enjoy Mac Repairs at the convenience of your own home 7 days a week up to 10pm

Competitive Pricing

On average we beat Apple's quoted prices by 30%


Quick response time

Visits usually arranged same day or maximum 48 hours if parts are in stock

Peace of Mind

3 months FREE follow up support comes as standard on on all repairs and fixes.

Real Apple Knowledge

We are a group of Former Apple Geniuses, with over 5 years of work experience on the Apple Genius Bar.

Friendly and Caring

We grow by referrals and your satisfaction is the key to our success. We aim to exceed your expectations

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Let's work together


Please call 0800 2289 353 for a free diagnosis or send an email to 
Alternatively, use the form provided to send us a message or to request a callback