Wireless Network Setup / Troubleshooting / Security

Have you got connection or performance issues with your wireless network? Perhaps a new device that needs to be connected? Would you like to have strong connection throughout your property and benefit form the latest security features? Did you know you could manage your home using smart technology? We can help with all that along with there few examples:

We will help setup a wireless network with your desired name and password. We will make sure all devices connected to it, will operate at their best performance. we can advise you about the most ideal location of the router and can help setup extenders as well, to ensure good connection throughout your property. If you’d like to upgrade your router to faster model (for gaming or business use) we can give buying recommendations and set it up for you

Rather than having copies of documents / pictures and all other files stored all over the place to share with family or business partners, we can create one central location for sharing and show everybody how to access it easily from any device on the network. We can achieve that with a Network Attached Storage (NAS) or some cloud services, like Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive or iCloud. We can help with the troubleshooting of any of these. 

Your printer/s and other media devices (like an Apple TV or CCTV Cameras) will be added to the network so that everyone in the home or office  can access them from anywhere. 

Many other devices are ‘smart’ meaning they can be added to your home network and then be accessed on other devices on that network. For example, you might want to add your smart TV and digital camera to the network so that holiday photos can be viewed on your big screen TV! We’ll help with this.

We can help you with much more…
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