Operating System and Software (Re)installation

The Operating System (OS) of the computer is the base software that coordinates and operates each component inside the computer. It is crucial that the operating system is secure and compatible with all the other softwares on the computer. When the OS has an issue, you can end up having sudden restarts, seeing error messages along with an endless list of faults. Fortunately, reinstalling or updating the Operating System could solve those issues. There are also thousands of other software programs on the market to perform any tasks a user need. Some of them can be quite complicated to install and setup but fortunately, we can help you with almost any of them. Some of the things we will do are:

Some software programs have specific hardware requirements or can only be used with particular brands of computer. We will advise you on whether your computer is fully compatible with the software you’d like to use.

Once the compatibility of the two has been confirmed, the software will be installed on your computer and its settings configured for optimal performance and ease of use.

Often software that has been bought and installed out of a box will be out of date because of the fact that developers regularly release updates for the software they sell. An out of the box package that’s been on the shelf for some time won’t have these updates included. We will download and install all of them for you so that you’re up to date

Finally, shortcuts (‘geek speak’ for the icons that you use to start a program) will be created on the desktop, in the start menu (for Windows) and in the quick launch menu.

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