Troubleshooting, Optimise and Speed Up Your Computer

Is your computer running slowly? Does it feel clogged with unwanted applications? Over time computers accumulate more and more stuff and require a good clean up. A thorough tune-up from us and your computer and home network will be running faster than ever before. Here are some of the tasks we’ll perform onsite:

Some unwanted programs or files could make your computer significantly slower, as they are using up resources that could be used for other tasks. We will also optimise startup time by disabling applications starting on their own when you turn on the computer. We will discuss your needs and remove anything you don’t need to improve the speed.

We will dig deep in the system to find the root cause of error messages that slow your device down. We will help you organise your files in a more effective way, so your computer runs like when it was new. If a program installation is corrupted we will reinstall and fix it. Necessary updates are also installed to ensure longevity, security and compatibility with new hardwares and programs.

Sometimes the error messages are caused by hardware (physical) issues. We will use specialist tools and diagnostic software to determine which part is causing the problem after fixing that, the performance will be recovered. Also, sometimes dust can build up inside the computer housing which causes overheating resulting slowness or unexpected shutdowns.

In some cases slowness can be caused by underpowered components which were factory installed at the time of purchase. As time goes by they could cause a ‘bottleneck’ and hold the machine back. In those cases upgrading the Memory (RAM) or the Hard Disk Drive (HDD) will make the machine faster than ever. The most recommended upgrade to any old machine is a Solid State Drive (SSD) which does not have any moving parts, uses less energy and can be 20x faster accessing your data than the older type HDD. Get in touch for a free chat to find out more.

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We are a group of Former Apple Geniuses, with over 5 years of work experience on the Apple Genius Bar.

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